Our mission

To assist you with emotional ”stories to touch” with you perfect branding, that’s our job! With each match, that inflames-with each “click” of a Cricket lighter we create a piece of sympathy and recognition for your brand. True to the motto: “A mighty flame arises from many tiny sparks”. We would like to inspire you! With ideas, best practice examples and individual 3D patterns. We do not offer you products only, but emotional concepts for dissemination of messages, with which you can generate high number of contacts inexpensively.

Advertising Space Terms and Conditions

Our quality

Only a first-class product can leave a first class impression on your target group. We are aware of it and we take it very seriously. Therefore, we only select environmentally friendly raw materials. Our products pass through numerous quality checks during the production process. Independent compliance audits, eco and seals of approval as EN 1783, FSC, ISO 9994 and GS ensure that you get a safe, environmentally responsible and reliable product that deserves to carry your brand message.

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*So, we only use ISO certified forests and/or FSC.
*Our boxes are not belched, and the inner box is made of recycled material.
* The printing colors we use, are environmental safe. We use the same ink for printing as toy manufacturers, so it is based on soy.
* We use impregnation for wood to prevent afterglow, Diammonium hydrogen phosphate, used material is cleaned and naturalized in our own waste water treatment dep.
*Everything is packed and sent as EU regulations requires marked “UN-1944”

Our specialists in the design and development departments continuously develop new products, improve processes and methods. Our consulting teams are in close contact with the central office so that your opinion and criticism directly affects our innovations. Because we believe in customer focus as overall entrepreneurial approach and in the fact that a step forward is always a step in the right direction.

Dear customers!
So fast it can go: Yesterday was told the match is before and early end-today it is more alive than ever! Especially when it is about achieving a high range and frequency of contacts with your advertising message in a cost-efficient way. Because everyone needs fire! It is part of the of the celebrations, enjoy and beautiful atmosphere. Hardly a household without lighter or matchbox. This makes them both to the omnipresent advertising media that surround your target group in the most important and beautiful moments of life: the grill party with friends, the festive table with candlelight, the cosy get-together by the fire, the sparkler at New years’ eve, the birthday cake, a nice atmosphere creating with scented candles, fire bowls and co.-everywhere need and used: Fire!

Only few media are as low priced, get so close to a wide audience.

And these everyday companions are everything but boring. With a bit of imagination, a book of match or a lighter become an original brand ambassador. Countless design options ensure that your creativity can be limitless. And what makes us really hit- put your craziest ideas in fiery advertising. Our 3D design department is eager to implement individual designs for you. But our products designers have done their homework as well: elegant shapes, rocking fusion effects, bitchy colours, cool matt looks glamorous metallic ensure that finally lighters and matches get rid of their boring image. New designs and colour schemes provide a stylish makeover! Let yourself be inspired.


I’ts a perfect match, tradition meets emotion

The synonym for fire? That’s clear: matches! They are the core of our quality brand Europe Match. And a long tradition is related to them. Already around 950 before Christ the first precursor had been developed. At that time, it was more daring way to inflame fire because in sulphur soaked pine sticks became inflamed at the slightest movement. No comparison to today’s safety matches!

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